Be prepared for the time when you or a loved one has to enter aged care, with information and advice on what to do, now or later.

Questions that constantly arise

  • What is the most suitable type of aged care for me?
  • How does the financial side work and will I be able to afford it?
  • Will I have to sell my home?
  • What about my other investments?
  • What should I do first?
  • Will my Centrelink entitlement be affected?
  • Where should I go to get information and advice?

Where to find the answers

A professional financial planner specialising in the area of aged care will have the facts about Australia’s aged care system, including:

  • Government prescribed guidelines and regulations
  • Types of accommodation and services
  • Assessment and fees

Your financial planner will work with you and your family as well as your doctor, lawyer and accountant if necessary, to ensure that everything is covered.

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